New Games Package only £499

Our new games package includes 1 Spiders Web,  2 x Giants Maze and 8 x Board Walk Challenge. All the equipment comes with everything needed to play the game. It also includes a user manual that has easy to follow instructions on how to play and progress with every game.

gold package

silver package Giants Maze

Giants Maze

The groups need to move the balls to specific holes in the maze. You can block or unblock holes to make the game easier or harder.

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silver package Board Walk Challenge

Board Walk Challenge

Children need to work together to move themselves from a starting point to a finish line whilst their feet are attached to the board (1 board = 2 children). Add more boards and more children to increase difficulty. Children can choose to slide or lift the boards to move. Add cups carrying water or balls to create new challenges.

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silver package Spiders Web

Spiders Web

The aim of this activity is to get group members from one side of the web to the other. Members of the group must pass themselves through the holes in the web without touching the web. Each time a member passes through a particular hole, that hole is then automatically closed and no one else can go through it. If a member touches the web, the game restarts and all the participants that have gone through must restart the challenge again. The game can be assembled and disassembled in minutes and the chains can be moved to adjust the size and shape of the web.

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