Team Building at School for Mind, Body & Health

About Us

We have 15+ years experience of working in schools specialising in outdoor education and P.E. Within these roles we’ve had the pleasure of attending many residentials and visiting off site activity centers, witnessing children using team building games and activities. We loved the enthusiasm and focus they generated and also the possible skills that could be developed.

Upon reflection we felt that children weren’t accessing these activities enough to really develop these crucial skills, so decided to implement an onsite team building package within the school we were currently working.

With the passion and enthusiasm we share for these activities and with the belief in the impact they can have within schools by helping children to develop key learning behaviours, we decided in April 2017 to share our tried and tested team building games with the aim of reaching as many children as possible, enabling schools to have their own on site team building packages that the children could use on a regular basis.

How schools are using our games.....

“For small team building sessions, in P.E. sessions, at lunchtimes and in curriculum times (especially afternoons)”

“PSHE, team building, nurture groups, after school clubs”

“Problem solving activities mainly upper KS2 and with parents on our outdoor learning days at school”

“Learning mentor uses with focus groups of children used at lunchtime with lunchtime buddies”

“PE lessons, PSHE lessons and team building”

“During outdoor adventurous activities (OAA) part of curriculum, nurture and forest school activities”

“During residentials / small targeted groups / transition activities”

Staff training included

Our gold and silver packages include staff training which enable the staff to have fun playing the games whilst realising how easy they are to plan and deliver.

The emphasis on the training is to encourage the staff to be creative and think of how the games can be adapted to suit the relevant age group and also ensure relevance into their curriculum. The time and nature of the training is flexible and we make sure we work to ensure that the needs of each individual school are met.

Easy to organise play and adapt

All games can be easily delivered by staff with very little planning required.

There are progressions with every game enabling the difficulty level to be changed and adapted to suit the needs of the children and / or link into the curriculum. Each game comes with everything needed to play and simple to follow instruction sheets.