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Physical Health

Encouraging children to become active learners can help to increase fitness levels and tackle issues such as obesity.

All children can excel

Team building activities can provide a level playing field for children who might struggle in a classroom environment. Being able to learn through being active, creative and solving problems can often bring out the best in children who struggle academically or have behavioural issues, which can help to raise their self esteem and confidence. These activites enable children who don’t class themselves as sporty or perhaps don’t like P.E, to excel. They may not be the quickest or strongest and but are often more thougtful, reflective and better communicators.

Helps to develop key learning behaviours

Children working together, solving problems in a different environment, can help them to develop key learning behaviours that bring benefits to them in the classroom, outside the classroom and in everyday life. Children can become more resilient and learn not to give up when they come across barriers to learning; they can become more resourceful, creative and reflective whilst also developing their social and emotional skills by being good communicators.

Provide a fun and enriching curriculum

Implementing team building activities into your curriculum can have many benefits for your school. Children often look forward to coming to school and getting outside the classroom and doing something different. This can have a positive impact on attendance and attainment.