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Our Maths box is a great team building game and also a fantastic tool in any classroom when supporting maths lessons.

 Some benefits and uses of our Maths box

  •  They are visual and pupils can handle them.
  • They come in different shapes and equivalent fractions – eg quarter is represented in three different ways.
  • Showing how to prove what one whole look likes and adding fractions to make a whole – this can then be extended to adding fractions with mixed denominators.
  • Getting pupils to identify and reason why they think a shape is a certain fraction.
  •  Being able to prove that one half  is greater than one quarter even though the denominator is larger.
  •  Supporting division.
  • Investigating and comparing fractions.
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In my year 4 class I had a group that was struggling with the concept of equivalent fractions. When I used the maths box it really helped with their understanding and enabled them to grasp the concept quite quickly.

Susanna Walters Year 4 teacher at Clayton St. John CE Primary School Bradford.

These Maths boxes were fantastic for introducing my class to the concepts involved in fractions. They were able to investigate for themselves and find out about different numbers of parts making a whole. They could see that this could be represented in different ways and still have the same value. They could also learn about equivalence by seeing it and matching things together, not simply being told it was so. They found the resources very motivating due to their hands on and tactile nature. This resulted in them developing a deeper understanding and enjoying their learning at the same time.

Claire Pandery Maths Co-ordinator South Pennine Academies

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